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Every day it appears more certain that the Mobile Era will give way to the Digital Era. But how will things develop in the future? According to City News Globe, the article’s cover image paints a plausible picture of what the years to come will entail.

It’s obvious that we are in the midst of a significant transition moment as we approach the third year of the Mobile Era. Mobile technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, access information, and do business during the past ten years. However, City News Globe suggests that a new era, the Digital Era, will begin to emerge during the coming years. This period won’t be reached suddenly; a transitional era, anticipated to extend from 2024 to 2040, will be marked by the integration of digital technologies into every part of our lives.

The following insights, highlighted by City News Globe, can be found in the section titled “Business Life”:

1. Widespread Use of Automation and Artificial Intelligence:

These technologies will fundamentally alter how businesses run, boosting productivity and stimulating creativity. The shift to a digital age has already profoundly impacted business operations. We have witnessed the broad adoption of remote work in the early stages of the transition period and the emergence of digital nomads who can work from any location worldwide, thanks to the power of the internet and mobile technologies.

2. Revolution in Business Operations: As we move further into the digital era, we may see a revolution in business operations. One possibility is the rise of businesses without conventional staff, relying on automation and artificial intelligence for tasks and decision-making.

3. Adoption of Basic Income: This concept could guarantee people a minimal income independent of their job situation, providing financial security in a world where technology and AI replace human workers in numerous areas.

4 Proliferation of Artificial Businesses: It’s likely that entirely AI-operated businesses, without any human employees, will start to emerge. Given the rapid development of technology, this isn’t an implausible scenario.

City News Globe emphasizes that the transition to a digital age will fundamentally alter business operations. Staying informed about these developments and making necessary adjustments will be crucial for businesses to remain competitive.

In the section titled “Artificial Life,” City News Globe notes the following predictions for artificial intelligence as we advance further into the digital era:

1. Edge AI: A type of AI designed to run on hardware at the edge of a network, rather than in the cloud. This will allow AI to be used in a wider range of applications, including those requiring low latency or those operating in areas with limited connectivity.

2. AI Coworkers: AI systems capable of collaborating with humans in various settings, performing tasks, making decisions, and engaging in conversations akin to a human coworker.

3. Quantum AI: In the more distant future, AI based on quantum computing principles could emerge, enabling the development of much more powerful and efficient AI systems than those currently available.

4. Humanoid AI and Enhanced Humans: Robots mimicking human behavior and appearance, and humans augmented with technology, could significantly alter how we live and work in the digital age.

The “Digital Life” section explores the convergence of physical and digital worlds. City News Globe outlines several key developments:

1. Rollout of 5G Networks: This provides faster and more reliable connectivity than ever before.

2. Virtual and Digital Workspaces: These will enable individuals to work and collaborate remotely in fully digital environments using VR headsets or other immersive technologies.

3. Digital Sensory Interaction: Technologies like haptic feedback may allow users to interact with digital information similarly to how they interact with the physical world.

4. Metaverse: A virtual shared space created by merging various virtual worlds, with applications in work, play, and socialization.

5. Digital Corporate Existence: Future scenarios could see all business activities taking place in digital environments, including digital ownership and trading of virtual assets.

City News Globe’s “Physical Life” section discusses changes in our real-world existence due to the digital era:

1. Surveillance Technologies: Their widespread use has raised significant privacy concerns.

2. Environmental Focus: Emphasis on sustainability will grow as people become more conscious of their environmental impact.

3. Autonomous Vehicles: These could revolutionize transportation and city planning.

4. Smart Cities: Urban areas designed for efficiency, sustainability, and habitability using technologies like IoT sensors, automation, and AI.

5. Everything-as-a-Service: Rather than outright ownership, this model could transform how we use products and services, impacting everything from housing to food to transportation.

6. Wearable and Invisible Technology: These advancements will allow humans to consume digital content and interact with the world in novel ways.

in conclusion

Overall, City News Globe highlights that the shift to a digital age will result in profound changes to how we work and live. To remain competitive in the upcoming years, it will be crucial for people and businesses to adapt to and embrace these changes. Therefore, it is now necessary to begin studying and adjusting to the new period.

This article is base on personal opinions and should not be taken as investment, legal, or professional advice. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and are not necessarily those of City News Globe.

The future is uncertain, and the ideas and predictions present in this article are simply the author’s opinions and should not be treated as fact. The purpose of this article is to stimulate thought and discussion about the potential future developments in the transition to the Digital Era and what the future can hold. It is not intend to be a comprehensive analysis of all possible outcomes.

This article should not be use as a guide for making any decisions, and readers are advised to seek professional guidance before making any investments or taking any legal or financial actions. City News Globe and the author accept no responsibility for any losses or damages that may arise from the use of this article.

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