Damac Hills Vs Arabian Ranches, Best Community For Investment 

Dubai is a vibrant city known for its master developments. Numerous mega-projects, stunning skyscrapers, high towers, lavish apartment buildings, and many spacious villa communities are the features that build up the spectacular image of the city. It is the home to marvelous developments that offer various types of properties and luxurious properties are surrounded by state-of-the-art amenities. The residents can enjoy an outstanding, exceptional, and high-standard lifestyle in these amazing developments. 

Downtown Dubai. Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Hills Estate, Damac Hills, Business Bay, and Arabian Ranches are some of the most amazing developments in Dubai. These developments have their specialty and attractions that grab the attention of potential investors and home purchasers from across the world. 

Among all these amazing communities, we will compare the two most famous communities: Damac Hills and Arabian Ranches in this blog. As an investor, if you are confused between these two master developments and want to figure out which property is best for you, just keep reading. This blog has discussed the main features, specialties, sales, and rental trends of both these communities. It will help to compare these spectacular developments and make an informed decision about your heavy investment in Dubai.

Damac Hills: Community Overview  

A vigorous community known for urban architecture, a soothing environment away from the hassle of the center of the city, exceptional amenities, and remarkable sports facilities formally known as Akoya Oxygen. It has entertainment for youth in the form of badminton courts, basketball courts, and a skating park.

Damac Hills is known for mixed-up beautiful properties including commercial, residential, hotels, and retail projects. And spanning over 42 million sq. ft. It is an exclusive project in Dubailand famous for the golf community because it is the home to Trump International Golf Course. Damac Hills is An attractive destination for golf enthusiasts.


Damac Hills is located at Al Qudra Road and has easy access to the main network of roads including Emirates Road and Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road.


Damac Hills is developed by the renowned developer, Damac Properties, who has great contributions to the rapid development of Dubai’s real estate market. Damac Properties is the mastermind behind many famous mega projects in Dubai and Damac Hills is one of these projects. 

Property Type

Damac Hills offers a variety of properties such as apartments, townhouses, and villas. It has many apartment buildings, large townhouses, and spacious villas but the main feature that sets it apart from other communities is that this community is top-listed among the popular villa communities. It is a favorite destination for those who are looking for luxurious villas. 


Damac Hills is further divided into sub-communities and here is the list of best areas in the community to invest and to find your desired property:

  • The Park Villas
  • Golf Town 
  • Brookfield 
  • Trump Estate 
  • Carson – The Drive
  • Artesia 
  • Golf Vita

Best Schools and Nurseries 

The residents or home buyers must not be worried about the high-quality education of their kids. This community gives easy access to the famous international schools. 

  • Jebel Ali School 
  • CreaKids Nursery 
  • Blossoms Mudon Nursey
  • The Wonders Years Nursery 

Best Hospitals and Clinics 

Following are the top hospitals in Damac Hills:

  • Aster Medical Center 
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hospital 

Restaurants and Shopping Centers

Damac Mall is the latest addition to Damac Hills’s shopping centers. Furthermore, the Mall of Emirates and Dubai Marina Mall, the most famous shopping malls, are just 20 minutes away from Damac Hills. 

Nearby Areas 

Due to its strategic location and connectivity to the main roads, it is easy for the residents to visit the following famous neighborhoods

  • Arabian Ranches 2
  • The Sustainable City Dubailand
  • Town Square
  • Sports City 
  • Dubai Motor City 

Arabian Ranches: Community Overview 

Arabian Ranches is the first-ever community in Dubai that offers freehold properties to foreigners or ex-pats, so it attracts many foreign investors and homebuyers to invest. 

Like Damac Hills, Arabian Ranches is also famous for golf courses. It is home to two popular golf clubs: Arabian Ranches Golf Club and Dubai Polo Equestrian Club. 

Spread over 1,650 acres, Arabian Ranches has more than 4000 beautiful homes, these homes are architecturally designed with inspiration from Mediterranean and Arabian Designs, and these amazing homes in Arabian Ranches feature lush green landscapes, swimming pools, tennis courts, and BBQ areas


Arabian Ranches is located on Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road, which meets Umm Suqeim Road. 

Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road is one of the main roads in Dubai that build up a strong connectivity between the major neighborhoods of the city. 


Dubai’s Premier developer, Emaar Properties developed this community. The unique architectural design, outstanding infrastructure, and availability of all the facilities within the community reveal Emaar’s commitment to excellence. 

Property type 

Arabian Ranches is also popular for spacious and luxurious villas, but townhouses and apartments are also available for rent and sale. 


Arabian Ranches is further divided into 15 sub-communities and these popular communities:

  • Aseel                       
  • Alreem 
  • Alvorada 
  • Alma 
  • Almahra 
  • Mirador 
  • Saheel 
  • Savannah 
  • Palmera
  • Terranova
  • Hattan 
  • Mirador La Colección 
  • La Avenida 
  • Golf Homes 
  • Polo Homes 

Best Schools and Nurseries 

Popular schools and nurseries near Arabian Ranches:

  • Raffles Nursery 
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School
  • GEMS United 
  • Ranches Primary School

Best Hospitals and Clinics 

Following are the top hospitals in Damac Hills:

  • Aster Clinic 
  • Mediclinic 

Restaurants and Shopping Centers

The Carrefour in the Retail center is the most popular supermarket in Arabian Ranches. 

Nearby Areas

The famous neighborhoods near Arabian Ranches are

  • Motor City
  • Dubai Sports City 
  • Mudon 
  • Damac Hills 
  • The Sustainable City Dubailand

Sales Trends In Damac Hills 

  • The average sale price for a 3-bedroom villa in Damac Hills is AED 2,787,000.
  • The average sale price for a 4-bedroom villa in Damac Hills is AED 3,332,000

Rental Trends In Damac Hills 

  • The annual rental price for a 3-bedroom villa in Damac Hills starts from AED 180,000 to 240,000. 
  • The annual rental price for a 4-bedroom villa in Damac Hills starts from AED 220,000.

Sales Trends In Arabian Ranches 

  • The average sale price for a 3-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches is AED 2,319,000.
  • The average sale price for a 4-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches is AED 3,460,000.

Rental Trends In Arabian Ranches 

  • The rent for a 3-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches is AED 135,000.
  • The rent for a 4-bedroom villa in Arabian Ranches is AED 187,000.


Arabian Ranches vs Damac Hills, which community is best for investment depends upon many factors. Opinions may vary from investor to investor and home purchaser. Both developments are among the premium communities in Dubai and both have their sets of benefits and drawbacks. Which community suits you and is best for you depends upon your personal preferences, priorities, budget plans, and expectations. The similarity in these communities is that both are famous for spacious villas and are home to golf courses and are known as golf communities in Dubai. As a golf enthusiast, you can choose any of them.  

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