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Top Trendy Rug Styles for Your NZ Home

Even if the floor is carpeted, most interior designers say a space needs a rug. It offers softness, insulation, and sound absorption while dividing spaces and tying your furniture together.  An area rug is essential for the living room, the home’s meeting spot. Which kind, material, form, or style to choose? Find a selection of living-room rugs nz designs, and shopping advice below


Shaggy rugs are soft, fluffy, and sumptuous due to their high-pile composition. Classic 1970s carpeting. These carpets bring texture and elegance to any room. Real fur carpets are disappearing as people criticise their non-vegan manufacture. Popular fake rugs are made nowadays. A winter room with fur or imitation fur rugs nz is luxurious. Make fur rugs the focal point of the space and avoid overshadowing them with other furnishings.

Lines Lengthen A Room

The same tactics interior designers employ to make a space appear larger may be used in the carpeting. Choose a vertical or horizontal stripe area round baby play mat to make the space look larger. Vertical or horizontal patterns lengthen a space, particularly if the walls and furnishings are solid colours. Additionally, the basic backdrop attracts attention to the rug, enhancing the impact.


Although modern rugs change often, they are still among the current 2024 rug types. In practice, authentic contemporary style is softer than modern design. Trellis, chevron, abstract, and graphic prints are common in modern rugs. Contemporary rugs sometimes reimagine classic themes by changing size or colour. 


In 2024, antique rugs nz and carpets were among the most popular new rug types. Vintage carpets provide character to many decors and may refresh all decors, from conventional to bohemian. For a genuine old carpet, expect to spend according to handcrafting quality. A quality vintage rug will offer ancient charm and flair to your decor. Distressed antique rugs are stylish yet traditional.

Bright Colours Liven Up A Space

Colourful carpets may energise a room. But pairing them may be difficult. You must ensure the space has a consistent theme. To unify the space, use one or two of your rug’s prominent colours in the décor and furnishings. 


Bohemian carpets are quirky and trendy, with brilliant colours, bold motifs, faded patterns, flatwoven methods, and natural fibre compositions. They are key 2024 round baby play mat trends. The Bohemian effect with area rugs requires layering ancient traditional carpets with flatwoven, natural-fibre rugs. Choose rugs with fringe and distressing to get a bohemian look.


Traditional area rugs are a prominent carpet style for 2024 and a main décor accent in many elegantly furnished houses. The pattern on these carpets is traditional and not overwhelming. Traditional Persian carpets include vines, florals, and scrollwork. carpets’ elaborate inner borders define and centre dining and living areas. 

Traditional rugs nz are usually wool or silk. Traditional carpets, especially Persian carpets, wear down wonderfully in high-traffic spaces like living rooms. These carpets are the epitome of artistry.

Add Comfort And Utility With High-Pile Rugs

Rugs may be practical as well as ornamental. A soft polypropylene rug adds sitting and warmth to the space.

Besides being stain-resistant, polypropylene comes in different pile heights for different softnesses. These carpets come in several patterns, letting you match the room’s atmosphere.


Transitional rugs are between classic and modern. Simple yet elegant, these carpets combine traditional and modern styles. Muted colours and modernised oriental motifs like huge vines and scrollwork are typical. 


Many animal skins are used to make hide carpets. Hides and sheepskins are animal hides, whereas hide carpets are woven strips. Hide rugs are fantastic décor accessories for tiny and oddly shaped homes. They give sumptuous layers to interiors.  Sheepskins may be cleaned like hair and are great for layering on furniture or used as a soft mat next to your bed in the morning. 


You may think little of buying a textured rugs nz for your house, but choosing one might be stressful. Not all rugs match. Textured rugs resemble velvety carpets. Uneven tuft heights distinguish textured carpets. Due to their tuft height, textured carpets hide hoover traces and footprints. Though mostly multi-toned, textured carpets are also available in solid colours. The carpet is great for active families.

Synthetic rugs are great for living rooms because they can resist high foot activity. These fabrics are simple to clean with a hoover without breaking the fibres, but you should double-check how to care for your rug before buying.


Performance rugs are recognised and unique. Despite their differences, they match many décor styles. Performance carpet buyers like weave knot patterns. Performance carpets look and feel like wool but are durable and spill-proof. Finely spun artificial yarns make them pleasant and durable.


Modern rugs blend elements to create a unique look. Silk-cotton blend, nylon, polypropylene, and viscose are common materials. Modern rugs nz are better made of synthetic materials.

The latest home décor trends include contemporary rugs and carpets. Mid-century rugs include fascinating colour schemes, patterns, and textures that match modern tastes. Make your choice from the greatest mid-century modern carpets meticulously picked to infuse luxury underfoot and transform conventional nooks into contemporary areas with charm. 

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